Why You Shouldn't Drink Cow's Milk

Published: 15th November 2009
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You might have a wrong notion that using and drinking milk is not against vegetarian principles. We can all picture the farmer pumping the milk manually and it might seem as a natural process which is harmless to the cow. But have you ever really thought about it?

Do you have any idea how a cow raised to produce milk lives its life? Like other animals reared for mass consumption, the cow lives in extremely filthy and cramped condititons. It's regularly given hormones to speed up its reproductive processes to obtain milk and offsprings faster. Just as a calf is born, it's separated from its mother. The male calf will most probably end with a disastrous fate and be raised for meat; the female calf would probably end up like her mother.

The cows certainly mourn for their kids. They are seen crying and searching for them. The mass production of milk for consumption of man has certainly disturbed the order in which the nature works.

These cows are continued to be fed on hormones to yield more milk. Electric pumps used for harvesting milk are tedious to the cow's mammary glands. The hormone enforces the cow to yield as much as 10 times more milk than it would usually.

The cows, after their milk-producing heydays, are slaughtered for meat. It consumes a large amount of natural resources to water and feed the cattle. This has definitely affected the water table negativelyas it is seriously overutilized just to maintain this big industry. These bulky animals produce vast amounts of waste which is also affecting the environment.

There is no need to consume milk after a certain age. Why do we want to promote an industry that is purely based on animal anguish? And to add to it, we were not made to drink cow milk or in that case, milk from any other animal. Calfs are supposed to drink cow milk and we humans, were meant to drink human milk. We weren't built to digest the proteins in the cows milk and hence we should'nt bother. If it's about your calcium requirements, you get more of it from green leafy vegetables.

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